Ravenhill®: Hidden Mystery
Ravenhill®: Hidden Mystery
You have to solve the mysteries of a once flourishing city!

You have to solve the mysteries of a once flourishing city, that in an instant became a ghost town. Where did all its residents disappear and who is behind it? To find answers to these questions, set out to Ravenhill, a city full of secrets and mystique, and plunge into the whirl of breathtaking events! You’ll find yourself in Ravenhill that is still inhabited by the residents and start unraveling a tangle of enigmatic happenings. After all, the mission to prevent an unknown catastrophe is entrusted to you!

Unlock new locations, search for interesting objects, find items, and assemble rare collections. Use talismans and tools to speed up your progress, solve puzzles, and read the diary to keep up with the storyline.

Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery is now available on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon WORLDWIDE!

Key game features:
  • – SERIAL PLOT STRUCTURE. Intriguing episodes and unpredictable turns of events.
  • – FABULOUS GRAPHICS. Picturesque locations, animations and live scenes that fascinate you with their realism.
  • – CATCHY CHARACTERS with their striking individuality.
  • – CAPTIVATING PUZZLES. Not just search for hidden objects, but also interesting puzzles!
  • – SPELLBINDING MUSIC will immerse you into the ineffable atmosphere of the game.
  • – INTERESTING MODES AND ANOMALIES. Challenge insidious anomalies and intricate modes!
  • – AMAZING COLLECTIONS for the true lovers of beauty.
  • – VALUABLE REWARDS that will be a testament to your achievements.
  • – SHOULDER TO SHOULDER. Connect with friends and lead your own guild!