MyTona Press Kit


MyTona is a mobile game developer and publisher that is one of the biggest IT companies in Russia and the CIS. The company was founded in 2012 by twin brothers Afanasey and Alexey Ushnisky. MyTona's offices are located in Yakutsk, Ivanovo, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Singapore, and New Zealand. The company has ranked 2nd on the list of the top-grossing Russian publishers (as of September 2019).

Projects developed by the company are on the lists of top-grossing mobile games in many markets, including the US, Russia, Western Europe, and many other countries. The team has created popular games like Seekers Notes, Cooking Diary, and Ravenhill. Two new projects, Riddleside: Fading Legacy and Manastorm: Arena of Legends, are also currently available in selected countries.

MyTona's flagship game, Seekers Notes, ranked 3rd on the list of highest-grossing iPad games in the US and is an acclaimed hit in the hidden object genre. Cooking Diary, a cooking time management game, won the People's Choice Award in one of the most prestigious competitions in the gaming industry—the 15th International Mobile Gaming Awards Global. As of September 2019, the game has reached 10 million downloads.

The MYTONA team is made up of more than 650 professionals who are passionate about creating amazing worlds for their players.

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