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We post all current vacancies on mytona.ru in the Career section, as well as on job websites. First of all, you need to send your resume to our email — job@mytona.com. Some of our vacancies also require a portfolio — please take this into account when sending your resume.

All applications are handled by a team of recruiters who will give you feedback upon receiving your resume. We try to respond to all applicants within 3 business days. In case your resume meets our expectations, we may ask you to do a test task. We only send a test task to confirm the applicant’s abilities and do not use it for commercial gain.

If there is no suitable position now, we will save your resume for possible cooperation in the future and will return to it as soon as new vacancies are opened.

The test task is checked by a specialist in the area in which the task was given. The specialist checks your task within 3-5 business days at the most. If you completed the test task successfully, we invite you for a job interview.

There are two stages of a job interview — primary and final. We are very attentive to our candidates and pay special attention to them. We invite applicants for a job interview in our office or via Skype. The primary interview usually takes about 1 hour and consists of 2 parts: soft and hard skills.

Each applicant is carefully assessed by a group of specialists within a few days. The average response time is 3 business days, but if you didn’t get a response in time, then do not worry, we will definitely give you some feedback.

If the decision is made to hire you, our recruiter will contact you and inform you of our company’s offer. Also, we will give you guidance on your next steps.

Don’t get upset! We have many other vacancies — try yourself in a different role. Our company appreciates dedication and self-development, so you can safely try again in a few months after you have gained some knowledge and experience and improved your skills.

Our company offers jobs that involve working on a remote basis. We treat every employee with attention, our company has a strong corporate spirit, and a remote employee is as a part of the team.

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