Oil paintings, fluid art, handmade clocks and other activities. How we celebrated CG Artist Day at MYTONA
Congratulations to all CG artists!

Last Friday, December 6th, we celebrated the professional holiday of our talented artists—CG Artist Day! All the artists received memorable gifts, and festive buffet tables were set up in every office. Read on to find out how we celebrated this event at MYTONA :)

The holiday for MyTonians from Yakutsk was filled with a warm and cozy atmosphere despite the cold weather outside. Anyone was welcome to attend an oil painting master class, where they could learn traditional painting techniques and create their own paintings on canvas.

Our MyTonians also attended a master class led by our lead 2D artist, Marianna Ivanova. In this master class, MyTonians learned how to draw portraits based on the Riley technique. This method teaches you how to apply head proportions and structure from any angle and create a portrait based on these principles. Master class participants tried this pencil drawing technique for the first time, but that didn’t stop them from creating great memorable portraits anyway.

Additionally, the office was decorated by our artists’ works, and we also held a Speed Painting Championship. At the championship, everyone tried to draw the best and most interesting apprentice for Santa Claus. Then everyone gathered into teams and competed in trivia.

Meanwhile in Saint Petersburg, the celebration was no less festive and exciting. The team did a fluid art master class. Fluid art is a special acrylic painting technique. All you need to do is mix some liquid acrylic paint, then pour it onto a canvas—and you’ll get a unique masterpiece. MyTonians enjoyed working with paints and colors, and as a result they created unique paintings that they took home to hang up in their houses.

The Vladivostok team celebrated this day with a warm, tight-knit atmosphere in their own office. All the artists received presents, and a tasty festive buffet was served.

MyTonians in Ivanovo attended master classes on making clocks and paintings from epoxy resin. These paintings look very stylish, and, as you can see below, they’re not very hard to make. MyTonians tried drawing with epoxy resin and created unique paintings and clocks made to look like the sea, space, the sky, precious stones, etc.

Our artists in Singapore also celebrated the holiday, and organized a Speed Painting contest. The participants had only 10 minutes to draw their pictures. Afterwards they received memorable gifts.

We only have one artist in Auckland, but he's very dear to us. The team congratulated him and gave him a gift of watercolor paints and a watercolor book.

Once again, we would like to extend CG Artist Day greetings to all artists and wish them a never-ending flow of creativity, cool artwork, and awesome skills!

If you, like our MyTonians, want to create unique worlds and celebrate events in a fun and productive way, then join the MYTONA team!—