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We Love Making Games
Наши офисы

We have comfy offices in 6 cities,
but you can become a MyTonian remotely


About us

Today MyTona is one of the largest and most successful game developer companies in Russia and the CIS. Originating in 2012, in Yakutia, the coldest region of Russia, we had a dream to develop first-class games that will delight millions of people around the world. This dream is embodied by our continuously developing and cohesive team of over 500 professionals, distributed across different places on the planet and united by a single mission.

We are proud of every MyTonian, who contributes to the creation of successful and popular projects that occupy the grossing tops in many countries. The achievements of our team include five projects: Manastorm, Riddleside, Cooking Diary, Ravenhill and Seekers Notes, which is the most successful game in the hidden object genre in the western market. We are not standing still, and new projects are being developed within our company, ready to compete for a place in the TOP-10.

Our goal, desire and dream were embodied in the motto of our team: WE LOVE MAKING GAMES!




We strive to improve the quality of IT education and help young talents realize their full potential with our programs: a scholarship for the best students of the NEFU Institute of Mathematics and Information Science, regular in-house internshipsfor university students, and support of Yakutsk IT schools

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