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Seekers Notes. Update 1.30: Mysterious Scent

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Adrian Bloom, a virtuoso in creating fragrances, is always glad to see visitors in his shop! Here, the delicate art of perfumery borders on real magic. But in Darkwood, crossing this border is extremely dangerous . . . Dispel mysterious charms and shed light on the ancient secrets of the Perfumery!

Scents can awaken warm memories and evoke vivid emotions. However, using them in the wrong way can cause many unexpected problems. Be on alert, Seeker: the scent of trouble fills the air.

What’s new

– Over 100 new quests await you;
– Take part in the intriguing Mysterious Scent event;
– Enjoy the wonderful Perfumery event location;
– The Misty Pixie, Sly Tail, and Forest Maiden are the event creatures from old Darkwood fairy tales;
– Don’t miss your chance to become the owner of several unique rewards! Beautiful avatars, the Fruits of Dreams chest, and the Golden Luck talisman await you in this new event;
– Craft unique items during the Festive Fun event;
– Explore the whole of Darkwood in search of black pearls and win valuable prizes;
– Embrace the atmosphere of magical music during the Lost Symphony event and get wonderful prizes;
– New character: Adrian Bloom, the Perfumer;
– New Daily Reward;
– Improved list of hidden objects for smartphones;
– Universal system of posting gaming news and achievements in social networks;
– Improved visuals;
– Integrated Community and News tabs.

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