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Seekers Notes. Update 1.41: Legend of the Seas

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In the latest update, get caught up in a whirlwind of amazing happenings in the Legend of the Seas event! Explore the Bungalow and learn the incredible stories of this Darkwood paradise.

The wind rises on the water's surface, seagulls screech with increasing alarm, the waves whisper of danger—trouble comes from the sea. Challenge it and dive headlong into a new adventure!

What’s new:

— Thrilling event: Legend of the Seas. Take part in the Day of Sea Tales and embrace the spirit of adventure.
— New location: Bungalow
— Unique event rewards: beautiful avatars, the Legendary Treasure chest, and the Child of the Waves talisman
— Incredible event creatures: Sly Wanderer, Sea Whirl, and Capricorn
— More than 100 new quests
— New Seeker's diary
— Wonderful Emerald Mystery event with a lot of prizes
— Fascinating Starcatcher event. Catch as many falling stars as you can and become the proud owner of wonderful rewards.
— New desk guardian: charming Penny the hippo
— Updated sounds
— Fixes and improvements: your favorite game is only getting better! See for yourself!

We're always happy to receive your feedback and comments. Together, we'll make the game even better and more exciting!

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