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Seekers Notes. Update 1.39: Handcrafted Miracle

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In the latest update, you will find yourself in the thick of amazing happenings in the Handcrafted Miracle event! Explore the cozy Pottery Studio and learn the legend of the craftsman!

Clay pots, painstaking work, heart-to-heart talks—the Pottery Studio is an idyllic place. But is all as simple as it seems? Be creative, and the secret of the studio will be revealed to you!

What’s new:

— Breathtaking event: Handcrafted Miracle. Learn what mystery one of Darkwood's coziest places holds.
— New location: Pottery Studio
— Unique event rewards: beautiful avatars, the Family Treasure chest, and the Symbol of Mastery talisman
— Warlike event creatures: Forest Rascal, Long
—Tailed Trader, and Big
—Eared Aristocrat
— More than 100 new quests
— Unique Emerald Mystery event with a lot of prizes
— Exclusive desk guardian: Monty the playful cat, only available while the Emerald Mystery event lasts
— Improved energy supply increase window when leveling up
— Convenient transition between location windows
— Fixes and improvements: your favorite game is only getting better! See for yourself!

We're always happy to receive your feedback and comments. Together, we'll make the game even better and more exciting!

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