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Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery. Update 2.2.0: Mysteries of the Constellations

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Did you know that astrology is very popular in Ravenhill? With the coming new year, the townspeople are looking forward to the astrological predictions that a local stargazer will make for them with special care. If you've always dreamed of learning the secrets of the ancient stars, then here it is, your chance to try your hand at astrology! Help Sirius Aster unravel the secrets of space!

- 6 new chapters: even more interesting investigations;

- 360 new quests and 60 collections;

- The Mysteries of the Constellations game event: solve special levels in puzzles, save up vouchers, and exchange them for unique prizes;

- New location: the majestic Observatory;

- New character: astrologer Sirius Aster.

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