Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery. Update 2.13.0: Magical Blizzard
Game Updates Ravenhill
Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery. Update 2.13.0: Magical Blizzard
The festive Christmas update is available on both Google Play and the App Store! Hurry and download the update to get into the ❄holiday spirit along with the citizens of Ravenhill!

Ravenhill is getting ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year! The air is filled with a festive atmosphere and the anticipation of magic. But why is esteemed Edmund the toymaker who was supposed to make a big batch of toys is nowhere to be found? Unravel the mystery of the toymaker's disappearance and save Christmas!

Download the update and get a gift!

- 2 new chapters: Ravenhill's riddles know no end!
- 120 new quests and 20 collections
- Holiday Magical Blizzard event with wonderful prizes
- Picturesque new location: Toy House
- New mode in the Lights puzzle: Fireflies
- New anomaly: Invisibility
- New Reward Festival event: collect stars and get awesome rewards for doing so!
- Original stickers for the guild chat
- Beautiful avatar frames