Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery. Update 2.12.0: Long-Awaited Fair
Game Updates Ravenhill
Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery. Update 2.12.0: Long-Awaited Fair
Update 2.12.0 is out on Google Play and the App Store! Hurry up and join the citizens of Ravenhill in their celebration!

It's already November, which means the annual Ravenhill Foundation Day fair is starting! Traders are busy setting up their tents and displaying their best goods on the stalls. But wait, what's that? Why did everyone run away all of a sudden? Find out what caused the panic at the fair, and save this long-awaited event! Good luck, Seeker!

Download the update and get a gift!

In this update:

- 2 new chapters: unravel the tangle of new mysteries!
- 120 new quests and 20 collections
- Long-Awaited Fair holiday event with wonderful prizes
- Picturesque new location: Fair
- New mode in the Cubes puzzle: Balloon
- Interesting new event: Let's Race!
- Improved guild chat

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