We’ve relaunched our website: Update guide!
Our website has been updated! It now works faster and responds to your search queries better.

What’s new:

  • Design. The website has changed its look following our rebranding, which took place at the beginning of the year
  • MYTONA’s history. You can now get a better picture of the company’s history and see rare photos from the team’s archives
  • Reviews. You can learn what players think about our projects. You can also read MyTonians’ stories about the company and their profession in the Career tab
  • Submitting résumés via the website. It’s now possible to submit your résumé for a job you are interested in directly via the website
  • Press kit. Especially for the media, we have provided a text about us and our games, as well as a high-resolution logo. You can find the press kit at the bottom of the website

From this post onward, the news on the website will be even more interesting and informative! We are sure that you will like our new content.

If you are interested in game dev and our games or want to join our team, stay tuned for updates!