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Seekers Notes. Update 1.43: Song of the Tempest
Explore the Conservatory and unravel the mystery hidden behind the myriad of sounds!

In this new update, you will fall into a whirl of dizzying events in the Song of the Tempest event!

A concert is about to begin at the Conservatory, but a threat is lurking amid the joyful bustle... Do you have the courage to embrace the power of music and save the city from destruction?

What’s new:

— Fascinating event: Song of the Tempest. Plunge into a dizzying world of music filled with magical sounds and mysteries.
— New location: Conservatory
— Exclusive desk guardian: the lovely cat Romeo
— Unique event rewards: beautiful avatars, the Muses' Blessing chest, and the Joyful Sonata talisman
— Unique event creatures: Mr. Percussus, Sleep Master, and Twilight Musician
— More than 100 new quests
— The Festive Fun event is coming back! Craft unique items and get prizes!
— Wonderful Emerald Mystery event with a lot of prizes
— Fascinating Starcatcher event. Catch as many falling stars as you can and become the proud owner of wonderful rewards.
— Updated tool design
— Improved map
— Fixed and improved sounds
— Fixes and improvements: your favorite game is only getting better! See for yourself!

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