MyTona Sponsors 1st Yakutia International Science Games
MyTona became the general sponsor of YISG 2018!

Yakutia International Science Games for talented youth were held from July 8 to July 15 in Yakutsk. More than 700 hundred participants entered the Games, 169 came from 17 foreign countries and 97 arrived from 17 Russian regions. MyTona became the general sponsor of the event with the main prize of 5000 US dollars.

During the games, large-scale team competitions on robotics, various olympiads in chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science, exhibitions, lectures and conferences were organized. All participants proved that they are the future of their respective fields!
MyTonians were invited to the poster session on July 13th. At the session, the participants presented their projects and answered the questions of the event’s guests. Our fellow MyTonians looked through projects’ posters, talked to the promising youngsters and shared some advice and tips. They noted participants’ outstanding talent and commitment to the IT field!

July 14 marked the official closing ceremony of the International Science Games. Professor Kwek Leong Chuan of National University of Singapore and MyTona’s CEO Aleksandra Baisheva took the stage to congratulate and present an award to the absolute winner of the games Nurdaulet Taumergenov from the Republic of Kazakhstan. He presented a project on synthesis of oral speech from the sign language using the GloveSpeaker gloves. He received the grand prize of 5000$ for this valuable project.

Besides the grand prix prize, MyTona sponsored IT Hackathon “Yackathon” that was held within the Science Games from July 11 to July 14. Twenty teams were randomly assigned seventeen topics. Every topic represented the problem posed by the UN – lack of drinking water, famine, gender inequality, access to education, unemployment etc. The participants were tasked to present the solution with the help of IT and to create an app/website prototype.
We delegated our expert, game designer Petr Gogolev, to the judging panel. His task was to consult and help the youngsters with the starting point of the project. He also provided tips on UI/UX design. With his help, the teams were able to decide on the direction and the design of their projects.

The award winners were as follows:

  • 3rd degree diploma – Yakutsk City Gymnasium team
  • 2nd degree diploma – Larionov Physico-technical lyceum team
  • 1st degree diploma – Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics team

“Best design” – Larionov IT School team
“Best technical solution” – Larionov Physico-technical lyceum team
“Best presentation” – .Larionov Maya Secondary School team, Megino-Kangalassky district
“Best idea” – Mordinov Tatta lyceum team
We presented the first degree diploma and a well-deserved prize of 50,000 rubles to the team from Kazakhstan. Congratulations to guys!

In the beginning of the work week,on July 16th, our office was visited by Professor Kwek Leong Chuan, the main researcher of the NUS’ Centre for Quantum Technologies and the President of the International Asian Physics Olympiad; Ms. Kim Suan Chiu, the head of the department of the strategic development in the Asia-Pacific region of the AT&T Worldwide Telecommunications Services Singapore company; Ms.Belinda Wong, the acting director of the Lee Kong Chian fund, a famous philanthropist, a member of the Board of Trustees in Singapore’s schools and universities, and Ms. Cheryl Zhao Enen, the head of Strategic Investment in minerals and raw materials Department, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC).
We conducted an office tour, gave a presentation on our company and activities. Our guests were pleasantly surprised by our team and office. They wished us a further success and development in Singapore. We have exchanged contact information and had a wonderful time with our guests.
We would like to congratulate all participants of this big-scale event one more time!

Just like MyTona, the Science Games have an international scale and great ambitions. At the same time, our roots come from Yakutia, far from big cities. It is a unique situation and proves that dream to create is not limited by geography, all you have to do is to set a goal and actively pursue it.
We would like to thank the initiators and hosts of the event for the persistence and the great work that was done!
Did you know that MYTONA has a more than 9-year history?
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