Game Updates Ravenhill
Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery. Update 2.5.0: Whisper of the Spring
Long-awaited spring is finally here!

Long-awaited spring is finally here! Cherry trees have bloomed in Ravenhill, and the air is filled with festive cheer: Everyone is getting ready for the grand spring festival! All the townspeople are spellbound by the blossoming cherry garden—you should also take this opportunity to explore every corner of the charming new location! Only you can find out the truth: Is this garden as beautiful as it seems at first glance, or does it have its own secrets?

Take part in the fascinating new event, Whisper of Spring: Help Anna win a paper boat race, explore the garden, and enjoy the festival! Download the update and get infinite life as a gift!

In this update:

- 4 new chapters: Ravenhill is waiting for your next moves!

- 240 new quests and 40 collections;

- Whisper of Spring game event with magnificent prizes;

- Gorgeous new location: Japanese Garden;

- Added option to delete lives from your inbox;

- Added reward for completing difficult levels in puzzles and locations;

- Updated quest system;

- Improved collection system;

- Welcome an updated character: Mary Wilson