Game Updates Ravenhill
Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery. Update 2.4.0: Moonlight
A brazen robbery has taken place in Ravenhill!

A brazen robbery has taken place in Ravenhill! Sirius Aster has opened the Moonlight detective agency and invites you to join the investigation into this high-profile incident. Try your hand at being a real detective—take on a tangled new case and help the restless astrologer-turned-detective solve the crime.

In this update:

- 4 new chapters: your adventures in Ravenhill continue!

- 240 new quests and 40 collections;

- An interesting new combination in the Wonderstudio puzzle;

- Moonlight game event with wonderful prizes;

- Guild quests: the Order of the Lily competition;

- Atmospheric new location: Dawn Hotel;

- Game optimization.

Download the update and get coins as a gift!