Pre-registration for Manastorm: Arena of Legends starts today!
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Pre-registration for Manastorm: Arena of Legends starts today!
Prepare for Epic Battle. Become the Master of the Arena!

Prepare for Epic Battle. Become the Master of the Arena!

Pre-registration starts today on the Appstore in Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines!
Sign up right now and be one of the first to play the game!
Pre-register link: https://apple.co/2E6xirp

Experience Manastorm: Arena of Legends, a new fast-paced, competitive online game that combines a Collectable Card Game with the action and intensity of a MOBA.

After the magical cataclysm called the Manastorm, mages are trying to restore the peace and find the powerful leader who will stop the manastorm from spreading. Join the epic fight to establish yourself as Vardarion's most powerful mage.

Show off your skills and fight enemies in a showdown, claim rewards for defeating your opponents, collect new spell cards and create your own invincible deck. Assault arenas and vanquish all kinds of enemies to dominate Arena of Legends! Don't waste time! Combine, collect, and upgrade your deck, then rush to battle!

The battle to stave off the Manastorm has begun, and each battle will require your best strategy. Are you ready to become the Legend? Download now and start beating your opponents on the road to glory!


Manastorm: Arena of Legends was specifically designed for mobile devices. The comfortable controls will help you to brilliantly target your opponents and unleash powerful spells at them. Your mobile gaming experience will be both comfortable and fun!


● Dynamic gameplay: we took only the best from these genres and nothing extra! Rapid 3-minute fights in multiplayer mode are waiting for you!

● Play Manastorm anywhere! The game was created specifically for mobile devices, which allows you to play from anywhere.

● Test your skills against spellcasters all over the world in 6-player matches.

● Take advantage of the environment around you: be aware of enemies hiding in the bushes, or try to steal the rune from your enemies to get advantage in battle.

● Avoid being pushed out of the arena, because the manastorm can damage you. Figure out how to use it to your advantage in battle.

● Outsmart your enemies and blast your way to glory!


● Fight and take first place on global leaderboards to show them who's the best.

● Get rewards from matches and upgrade spell cards. The higher your rank, the better your reward!


● Come up with your own playstyle using a wide range of spells.

● The list of various spell cards will match any tactic you can think up and help you in battle. Check out the unbelievable spell effects!

● Collect and learn new spells to create your own invincible deck.


If you want to keep an eye on in-game content, follow us on social media to get sneak peeks at what the team is working on. Join our family to work on Manastorm: Arena of Legends together!

Pre-register link: https://apple.co/2E6xirp

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