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Seekers Notes. Update 1.36: Mystery of the Phoenix
Happy Lunar New Year, Seeker!

Happy Lunar New Year, Seeker! Enjoy the captivating beauty of the East by exploring Golden Harbor, and learn the legend of the invincible dragon general!

But remember that on the day of the Lunar New Year, the line between the worlds becomes as thin as silk and as fragile as the petals on a blossoming plum tree . . . Can you reveal the identity of the mysterious Black Phoenix and save the city from an imminent threat? Are you ready to plunge into the world of ancient legends and brave warriors? It's time to inscribe your name in the history of Darkwood!

What’s new:

— Enchanting location: Golden Harbor
— New desk guardian: charming Meelo the Panda
— Unique event rewards: beautiful avatars, the Secrets of Dynasties chest, and the Tree of Plenty talisman
— Majestic event creatures: Sea Guard, Azure Lightning, and Fiery Wanderer
— More than 100 new quests
— You can now use several energy boosters at a time
— Improved graphical interface
— Collect as many happiness coins as you can in the Clink of Good Luck event and become the proud owner of some wonderful rewards
— Craft unique items during the Festive Fun event
— Search the whole of Darkwood in search of black pearls and win valuable prizes
— A number of new improvements and fixes. We make every effort for you to enjoy the game!