New Zealand team visited Media Design School to meet with the graduating classes

On June 20 the New Zealand office team gave a talk to the graduating class of the Media Design School, one of the leading educational institutions in the country for training professionals in the gamedev industry. The talk with the students was held as part of the Mid-year intake final game presentations.

Our team, alumni from that school, shared their fond memories from their student years, talked about their personal career journey, and shared valuable advice.

Many questions were asked of the students, including tips on how to behave during an interview, what a portfolio should reflect, and how to properly respond to job openings. Our Mytonians gave them comprehensive answers to all of their questions, which, we are sure, will be useful for them when they take their first steps into their career.

We thank the school for the invitation, the opportunity to talk to the future drivers of the country's gamedev industry, as well as for training valuable professionals who are already contributing to Mytona.