Cooking Diary: Love Story! šŸ’˜
We glad to present our interesting interview! Our Chefs Maria and Nick met in Cooking Diary and realized they were meant for each other! This is their love story.

We glad to present our interesting interview! Our Chefs Maria (in-game nickname Erida) and Nick (in-game nickname Enki) met in Cooking Diary and realized they were meant for each other. This is their love story.

ā€“ Hello, Maria! Tell us about your love story.

ā€“ Hi everyone! Nick and I met in a fan group for Cooking Diary. We were just regular members back then. One day, in a conversation about our offers with outfits, we shared screenshots to each other and discussed them. I received some not-so-good offers, and Nick had a similar experience, which we talked about in direct messages. We were chatting about the game. From that moment on, we started spending a lot of time together and getting to know each other better every day.

After some time, Nick became an administrator of the group and introduced a new Quests rubric. He was alone at first before I started helping him. After 3-4 months, I also became an admin and had my own rubric. We still work together on Quests: Nick creates the tasks, and I work at visualization.

When we first met, we were playing in different guilds. Approximately a month after we started talking, we decided to play together and joined the same guild, where we are still playing now.

ā€“ How and when did your first meeting happen?

ā€“ We constantly communicate in the guild chat on various topics related to the game and real life. We also have video calls. During one of these calls, Nick and I saw each other for the first time. After a few hours of talking, everyone else left a call, but we stayed together and talked until morning.

By the way, we lived in different cities far away from each other. However, after six months, we had a date in Nick's city, and that was our first meeting in real life.

It was very exciting. When I arrived at the airport, Nick greeted me with a large bouquet of flowers (it was the same bouquet we used for the collages in the dress-up rubric for "First Date"). We hugged each other, and everything fell into place. We immediately felt that this was it, the person we were meant to be with and we'll be happy together.

ā€“ How did working together in the fan group affect your relationship?

ā€“ It brought us closer because we constantly engage in various activities in the group: quests, different tasks, and competitions for the members. By doing this, we spend a lot of time together. We participate in contests ourselves, especially avatar dress-up contests. We love creating matching outfits.

The fan group is an additional gaming space for us, where we bring entertainment, creativity, and information to the game. We help Chefs connect and bring together different guilds.

ā€“ Share a fun story that brought you closer together.

ā€“ In our fan group, there is a rubric called "Dress Code." The host sets a theme, and participants have to present their work, showcasing their in-game character dressed according to the given theme.

I regularly participated in this contest, but Nick can't create collages, so he didn't participate. Then I offered to help him. The theme was "Alcohol Party", and we had to dress up our characters as three different drinks: Absinthe, Blue Hawaii Cocktail with Blue Curacao liqueur, and your favorite drink or cocktail. We spent several hours selecting the outfits, poses, and background for his entry. But in the end, he didn't win any prizes. It felt like all our efforts were in vain...

The next contest had the theme: Disney Party. For this theme, we created a couple outfits collage (no one had done this before; everyone participated individually). And finally, we won the contest.

ā€“ How did you come to the important decision of getting married?

ā€“ After living together for six months, we realized that we couldn't imagine our lives without each other. So we decided to get married and had a beautiful wedding at the end of April this year.

ā€“ How do you spend your free time? And what do you like about Cooking Diary?

ā€“ Our family evenings and weekends are spent watching movies and series, as well as playing various video games, including Cooking Diary.

We love Cooking Diary because of its beautiful visual, well-designed characters, outfits, and dishes, convenient gameplay, and the constant support and frequent updates in the game. Our favorite restaurants are Hearth of the Desert, Wonderful Tea Party, Sakura, and "Wake-up Call". We enjoy going through Path to Glory and Food Truck. As for the characters, we particularly like Andy Theorius, a brilliant scientist with many interesting ideas, who remains optimistic and persistent even in the face of failure, and Alex Calloway, a vibrant and versatile girl with a positive attitude.

ā€“ What would you wish for the Cooking Diary Chefs who might be inspired by your story?

ā€“ We wish everyone to find their soulmate. Don't hesitate to engage in conversations on different topics, and don't be afraid to be the first to start a conversation because it could be the beginning of a great love.