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Seekers Notes. Update 1.35: Message of Pegasus
Poets Square is the most picturesque place in Darkwood.

Poets Square is the most picturesque place in Darkwood. A small fountain, a view of the river with a beautiful bridge: it's not surprising that writers, artists, musicians, and actors simply adore it. There's a beautiful ice sculpture on the fountain too! It seems as if the ice Pegasus is about to fly into the sky.

But where did it come from? What secret is hiding behind this quiet, idyllic facade? Can you stand against fate and return creativity to its former beauty and glory? Arm yourself with inspiration, Seeker, the future of art is in your hands!

What’s new:

— Inspiring location: Poets Square
— New desk guardian: adorable Kai the Seal
— Unique event rewards: beautiful avatars, the Gift of Fate chest, and the Lucky Bow talisman
— Magical event creatures: Little Blizzard, Lovely Frost, and Ice Keeper
— More than 100 new quests
— The wonderful Starcatcher event is back! Collect falling stars and get prizes
— Collect as many porcelain bullfinches as you can in the Winter Stroll event and become the proud owner of some amazing rewards
— Embrace the atmosphere of magical music during the Lost Symphony event and get wonderful prizes
— A number of new improvements and fixes. We make every effort for you to enjoy the game!