SEEKERS NOTES. UPDATE 2.13: Performer's Path
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SEEKERS NOTES. UPDATE 2.13: Performer's Path
SPLENDID Performer's Path event celebrating the game's 6th anniversary!

The Performer's Path event has started! Find out what Amy's new friend is hiding!


— Magnificent location: Music Hall! A venerable concert hall with a rich history

— Exclusive event rewards and mysterious creatures. Only the best for you!


— The grand Bloom Festival event: unlock all the festival rewards!

— Guild competition: Magister's Path!

— Paint a picture in the Colorful Adventure event

— The Starcatcher event: catch as many rewards as you can!

— Join Gremlin Fun and compete for the top spots

— Tasty event: Ice Cream for Yeti! Help Yeti find amazing prizes

— Unravel the Emerald Mystery and get a unique guardian—Toby the lemur showman!

Happy Darkwood Day! Get wonderful gifts in honor of the game's 6th anniversary!