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Here’s another post about jobs in game development, and in today's blitz interview MYTONA game designer Vladimir tells us about current trends in mobile games, the skills every game designer needs, and the finer points of the profession.

  • Hi! How did you become a game designer, Vladimir? What attracted you to the profession?

Before I got into game development, I worked in HR. One day I started thinking about how important it is to spend your life doing what you love.

One of my favorite things was playing video games, and I thought it would be fun to make them. Over time, I started studying different aspects of game development and learning more about the industry. I learned about the different roles in a team and what a game designer does. I tried a little bit of everything and realized that game design was totally my thing. So I started looking for an opportunity to get involved in small projects. I eventually got an internship as a game designer at MYTONA, and it ended up turning into a full-time job.

  • What do you like most about your job, and what are some of the finer points of the profession?


  • creativity, bringing ideas to life

  • working with a team of interesting, versatile people

  • the opportunity to learn new things and get to know other aspects of game development

It's very important for a game to give players the exact emotional experience they're looking for. You need to learn how to do a few things:

  • put yourself in the player's shoes

  • listen to players and your team and make the right calls

  • know how to find the best ideas

  • What should a brilliant game designer be able to do? Which skills should they have?

  • Thinking systematically. Good systematic thinking helps a game designer combine a game's systems in just the right way to achieve synergy between them.

  • Having a good understanding of the technical side of game development. The better you understand the nuts and bolts of game development, the closer you'll get to brilliance. Getting a grip on the technical stuff will help you understand what's going on under the hood so you can see the big picture. Then you can prototype the logic behind your ideas and features without having to get anyone else involved.

  • What are the biggest trends in mobile gaming right now?
    The mobile market is doing really well and showing strong growth.

As for the latest trends, games with social mechanics and multiverse games are getting more and more popular all the time.

The highest-grossing, most popular genres are still match-3, merge, and RPG sub-genres.

  • What would you say to people who are interested in getting started as a game designer?
    - Love what you do.

- Play games in all different genres.

- Be open to new experiences, be willing to learn new things, and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

- Keep your eyes open and draw inspiration from the world around you.

Thanks for the fascinating interview, Vladimir.