Find out more about the profession!

Today we're still learning about jobs in game development. In this blitz interview, Olya, the head of MYTONA's 3D department, tells us about the finer points of 3D modeling, the skills a 3D artist needs, and what she enjoys most about the profession.

  • Hi! How did you become a 3D artist, Olya? How did you get into it?

Well, it all started when I joined the MYTONA team back in 2009, and I'm still working there today. That was when I first learned about the existence of 3D and 3D artists. They wouldn't hire me as a programmer. But I really wanted to make games, so I started learning to work in 3D, and it turned out to be really fascinating. Now I can't imagine my life without CG.

  • What do you like most about your job?

My favorite thing is that I'm always learning something new, always growing. And I love contests. Seriously, if there's a 3D contest somewhere, sign me up =)

  • Which skills should a good 3D modeler have? What are some of the finer points of being a 3D character modeler?

Well, you obviously need to know the software—there's a ton of it in the model creation pipeline—but a 3D modeler also has to love what they do. It just makes everything so much faster and better.

When it comes to the finer points of being a 3D character modeler, I'd say it's important to understand anatomy, rigging, and animation. And you can't really make unique, distinctive characters without a good imagination. But that applies to any artist.

  • What inspires you?
    I'm mostly inspired by games. They're just as compelling as movies nowadays, and their storylines and visuals can really suck you in. I usually spend at least a third of my gaming time staring at the models and textures in the game.

  • What advice would you give people who want to become 3D artists?
    Create as much as possible. Never rest on your laurels. But you also have to remember to take time off and take care of yourself.

Thanks for the great interview, Olya.