SEEKERS NOTES. UPDATE 2.12: Gone with the Bubbles
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SEEKERS NOTES. UPDATE 2.12: Gone with the Bubbles
AMAZING Gone with the Bubbles event!

Seeker, the Gone with the Bubbles event is in full swing! Find out what kind of creature broke out of the Bathhouse! 

What mischief are Pete and Amy up to?


— Beautiful location: Bathhouse! An enigmatic nook enveloped in the scent of roses and mystery 

— Exclusive event rewards and mysterious creatures. Only the best for you!


— The grand Bloom Festival event: unlock all the festival rewards! 

— Guild competition: Magister's Path

— Paint a picture in the Colorful Adventure event 

— The Starcatcher event: catch as many rewards as you can! 

— Join Gremlin Fun and compete for the top spots 

— Tasty event: Ice Cream for Yeti! Help Yeti find amazing prizes 

— Unravel the Emerald Mystery and get a unique guardian—Anise the charming fennec fox! 

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