Boosting profits with Facebook Automated App Ads
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Our case about us achieving 70% lower cost per incremental install with Facebook Automated App Ads for Cooking Diary has been published on Facebook for Business. This platform shares stories about how different teams succeed on Facebook. We’re very happy that Facebook recognized our case as a success story along with other companies from around the world. Let us share with you an excerpt from the article.


The mobile game development company achieved 70% lower cost per incremental install with Facebook Automated App Ads compared to mobile app install ads for its game Cooking Diary.


Aiming to create a happier world

MYTONA is a mobile game developer and publisher comprising over 1,000 professionals around the globe, with offices in Singapore, Auckland (New Zealand) and across cities in Russia. As one of the world’s leading mobile game development companies, MYTONA is responsible for hit games such as Seekers Notes and Cooking Diary, with more in development.


Maximizing player acquisition

MYTONA wanted to evaluate the performance of Facebook’s Automated App Ads against mobile app install ads to determine their effectiveness in acquiring new players for its game Cooking Diary, while achieving positive return on ad spend.

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Did you know that MYTONA has a more than 9-year history?
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