What New Year's traditions do mytonians from around the world have?
Find out in this post!

New Year’s Eve are coming soon, and that means it's time to remember our holiday traditions. Mytonians from different parts of the world also have their own interesting New Year's traditions, you'll learn about some of them in this post :) 

For example, mytonians in New Zealand have a Christmas picnic on the beach surrounded by palm trees. Mytonians in Singapore make a traditional salad Lo Hei, where each ingredient means good wishes. Mytonians from Kazakhstan serve baursaki and beshbarmak, and our mytonian from Brazil celebrates Christmas with a traditional family dinner with a prayer.

Some of us also have a tradition of going to ice rinks and ski slopes, buying gifts for everyone without exception, even pets, decorating the Christmas tree with the whole family, and, of course, hosting home tournaments.

Our team is multicultural, divided by traditions, but we always have common values and goals. MYTONA is one big family!