MYTONA Perks: Benefit Upgrades for Mytonians in Our Overseas Offices
What do Mytonians think of new benefits? Find out in this article!

Today we will tell you more about the benefits we launched during remote working. How did we come up with our new benefits? First, we wanted to support mytonians while they were working from home and to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Second, these benefits are the result of the overall success of our team, and most of them will remain even after the pandemic is over. The greater our achievements, the greater the benefits! So, we would like to tell you about the new benefits we launched in our Singapore and New Zealand offices this year.

Perk #1. Chairs

First and foremost, remote work is supposed to be comfortable, so this year we came up with the much-needed benefit of a chair allowance. Many mytonians from all our offices have already used this benefit and purchased comfortable gaming or orthopedic chairs. For example, our game designer Travis from Singapore got an ergonomic office chair that turned out to be very comfortable for working at the computer:

“I used the bonus to purchase a Steelcase Series 1 chair, which is an ergonomic office chair. As we shifted to working from home due to the virus, I wanted to ensure that I had the proper posture when working so I decided on this particular chair. The bonus made it more affordable for me to purchase and I have been enjoying working on this chair ever since I got it!” shared Travis.

Meijin was also glad to use this benefit and shared her impressions with us:

“MYTONA has given us so many benefits, and my favorite is the Gaming Chair! I had always wanted one, but there are other spending priorities that stopped me from buying. Now not only has this benefit motivated me to work better, my back pain issue has also improved a lot!”

Thanks to these benefits, mytonians have improved their home workspaces, and say that the new chairs have made working from home much more comfortable and efficient.

Perk #2. Home gym equipment

It is very important to keep ourselves in good shape. Especially during remote mode. We thought that remote mode shouldn’t be an excuse for not working out, and decided to add this perk: a home gym equipment allowance. Our mytonians love sports, and they have already started working out at home. For example, Shelton, our software engineer from Auckland, purchased a bike and a gym membership.

“The gym fees allowance is great. I don't need to think if I should have a gym membership or not and worry about the cost. It's a good way to encourage staff to exercise and look after their health and fitness.
The gym equipment bonus is great. I have used it to purchase a bicycle. I use the bike for exercise and also sometimes for commuting to work. This will help me maintain fitness, get to work and back home and also for having some fun,” shared Shelton.

Zi, our mytonian from the Singapore office finance department, used this perk and bought home gym equipment, and is very pleased about it:

“I can do the exercise at home anytime and minimize the time in a public area during covid-19,” shared Zi.

All in all, this benefit is very popular among mytonians, and now they can work out without leaving home.

Perk #3. A healthy team is a successful team

At MYTONA, we place great emphasis on the overall health of the team. That is why we have a health-insurance benefit in our overseas offices. Mytonians have the option to cover medical expenses and doctor’s visits with this perk.

“As I need to frequently prescribe for medicine, using the health insurance is really convenient as it gives me less things to worry about,” said Alvin, a programmer in Auckland, of the perk.

Perk #4. Online cinema for a great weekend

After a productive work day or on weekends, our mytonians love to watch TV series and new movies. So we decided to give them a free Netflix subscription. Here's what Lionel, a programmer in Singapore, thinks about the new perk:

“The Netflix bonus was a nice thing to have as I could have access to the latest dramas and movies any time I wanted. Especially useful during those late nights where I had to stay up late, waiting for project submission,” says Lionel.

This was the overview of the new benefits in our Singapore and New Zealand offices. It's great that working from home helped us come up with and implement new benefits, which have been met with gratitude and good feedback from our mytonians. We would like to conclude the post with the words of our HR Director Lena Timofeeva:

“We want mytonians to have a harmonious lifestyle, always improve themselves, and succeed in every aspect of their lives. Therefore, in this difficult period, we decided to support our team—to create comfortable conditions for them to work from home and to add new benefits to the program. Our new benefits are aimed at maintaining and improving health, self-education, and leisure, because it's a rule of thumb that you work more efficiently where you are taken care of. 
“We are glad that the benefits introduced are very popular, have proved really useful, and improve the quality of life of our team members,” says Lena.

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