Seekers Notes. Update 1.54: Forgotten Magic
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Seekers Notes. Update 1.54: Forgotten Magic
Take part in the big Forgotten Magic event and explore the new Seaside Villa location!

Seeker, this weather is wonderful, don't you think? The Byrons' summer residence is the perfect place for parties.

The Forgotten Magic event has started! Something is off in this luxurious villa . . . What mysteries are hidden behind its wonderful facade?

What’s new:

— Fascinating Forgotten Magic event! A light summer breeze will take you to а world of adventures!

— New location: Seaside Villa

— Charming desk guardian: Baxter the Otter

— Exclusive event rewards: wonderful avatars, the Purple Chime chest, the Colorful Whirlwind talisman, and the Home of Wonders jewelry box

— Amazing creatures: Bloom O'Tail, Ruse de Flamingo, and Count Growloff

— New Gremlin Fun event: collect Rockets in the Treasure Box and compete for the top spots

— Color in a beautiful picture in the Colorful Adventure event

— Wonderful Emerald Mystery event with a lot of prizes

— Collect kendamas in the Beautiful Season event and get gorgeous rewards

— Improved Treasure Box puzzle: Rocket special tile, move levels, and updated gems!

— Over 100 new quests

— Fixes and improvements: your favorite game keeps getting better and better!

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