MYTONA Heroes season 2 is here!
How will the Mytonians challenge themselves? Find out in this article!

We launched the second season of MYTONA Heroes!

MYTONA Heroes is our project that focuses on challenges for mytonians. The heroes set goals for themselves that they dream of achieving. Over seven weeks, they achieve their goals and get great results.

Last year, 86 mytonians participated in MYTONA Heroes. Also our project received a prestigious award for achievements in HR in the gamedev industry (HR Awards at White Nights ’19). 

Our heroes achieved various goals—from writing books to creating concepts for their game projects. This year, the participants’ goals are just as cool.

Here are some statistics:

  • 4 mytonians will do sports and will be able to do 100 push-ups, build muscle, ride 500 kilometers on a bike, get into the top on Strava. Overall, MYTONA should lose 139 kilograms;
  • 9 mytonians want to study languages including English, Japanese, Korean, and Cantonese!
  • 2 mytonians will be able to do splits. Another two will expand their knowledge of yoga and meditation;
  • 1 mytonian will do a handstand and even some complex breakdance moves;
  • 1 mytonian will have a healthy diet;
  • 4 mytonians are quitting smoking;
  • 10 mytonians will study programming;
  • 6 mytonians will create game prototypes from scratch;
  • 4 mytonians will learn to play musical instruments and create music; 
  • 2 mytonians will learn to sing;
  • 10 mytonians will learn to draw sketches and create cool 2D artwork. Three will study animation. Four will learn 3D modelling;
  • 4 mytonians will study Photoshop;
  • 8 mytonians will do home renovation, and one of them will even purchase their own property;
  • 4 mytonians want to become masters of writing and will write stories and novels;
  • Additionally, other mytonians will: learn to play chess blindfolded, teach their child how to read, teach their puppy 7 commands, study design, and complete many other big challenges.

Over the next 7 weeks, participants of MyTona Heroes will reach their goals. Some of them will be guided by mentors who will help them with particular skills. Let’s wish our heroes success in reaching their goals!