Game Updates Seekers Notes
Meet the New Update for Seekers Notes! Decipher the Message through Time!
It’s time to uncover all the mysteries!

The weather in Darkwood is finally perfect for swimming. The townspeople yearn to take a refreshing dip into the coolness of the pool. However, the city pool has closed and the gate locked for a long time. Will reopening it bring about an unexpected turn of events? Plunge into the depths of the past and discover the mystery of the beautiful pool!

What’s hidden behind the pool gate? What secrets lie beneath the water’s surface? Can you alter the course of events in the distant past? It’s time to uncover all the mysteries!

What’s new

– Over 100 new quests await you;
– Take part in the engrossing Message through Time event;
– Enjoy the wonderful Pool event location;
– Incredible event creatures: the Lovely Stingray, Twilight Sapphire, and Sea Serpent;
– Don’t miss your chance to become the owner of several unique rewards! Beautiful avatars, the Treasure of the Deep chest, and the Fairytale Bird talisman await you in this new event;
– Explore the whole of Darkwood in search of black pearls and win valuable prizes;
– Enjoy the beauty of rainbow butterflies in the Dance on Air event and get wonderful prizes;
– Craft unique items during the Festive Fun event;
– Updated characters: Mayor Smallcat and Colonel Hammerstrike;
– Improved sounds in the Haunted Lights puzzle;
– Updated Blacksmith’s Forge;
– Optimized friend functionality;
– Updated item animation;
– Updated animation for moving items from the desk to your inventory;
– Improved animation for collection assembly.