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Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery. Update 2.8.0: Deceptive Curtain

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The townspeople are worried: Their favorite circus stars no longer give performances. Looks like something dark is happening behind the glare of floodlights. You have a rare chance to get backstage and unravel the mysteries of the Ravenhill Circus. Make it possible for the city to enjoy spectacular shows again! You can also spend some time with Jerry sailing paper boats and help Anna plant flowers in the garden.

In this update:

- 4 new chapters: spellbinding mystical stories!

- 240 new quests and 40 collections;

- Deceptive Curtain game event with updated prizes;

- Vibrant new location: Circus;

- New obstacles in the Lights puzzle: Petrified Boxes and Stone Boxes;

- New mechanic in the Wonderstudio puzzle: Portals;

- We've returned beautiful classic avatars—choose what you like!

Download the update and get a gift!

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