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Seekers Notes. Update 1.38: Power of Love

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In the latest update, you will be caught up in a whirl of petals during the Power of Love event! Enjoy the delicate beauty of the Sakura Bank and witness an incredible love story.

But be careful—something sinister lurks among the blossoming trees. Can you tell a lie from the truth, and the haze of love from true feelings? Sakura petals have started to fall, so it's time to head to Darkwood and write your own story of love and friendship!

What’s new:

— Intriguing event: Power of Love. Tune in to the wave of romance and explore the secrets of the flowering riverbank.
—New location: Sakura Bank
—Get an exclusive desk guardian before the event ends
—Unique event rewards: beautiful avatars, the Sakura Treasure chest, and the Guardian of Happiness talisman
—Admire the event jewelry box in all its glory using ARKit augmented reality technology
—Mighty event creatures: Empyrean Conqueror, Woods Keeper, and Fiery Guard
—More than 100 new quests
—New useful mini talismans
—Complete daily desk guardian quests and get valuable rewards
—Collect as many sakura blossoms as you can in the Blossom Catcher event and become the proud owner of wonderful rewards
—Fixes and improvements: your favorite game is only getting better! See for yourself!
—Leave a review of our latest update. Together, we'll make the game even better and more interesting!

We're always happy to receive your feedback and comments. Together, we'll make the game even better and more exciting!

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