MyTona Wins HR Awards at White Nights Conference!
Hooray! We received a prestigious award for HR achievements in the game industry!

Hooray! We received a prestigious award for HR achievements in the game industry! Our corporate event MyTona Heroes won in the Most Creative Project category.

The HR Awards ceremony was held as part of the White Nights’19 international conference for game developers and publishers in Moscow.

Dozens of companies vied for the award with projects in a variety of spheres: recruitment, automation, internal communications, etc. Out of all the contestants, only three companies got nominated, and MyTona was one of them.

Our HR projects help MyTonians grow, create, and reach their full potential. We are happy that the GameDev HR Awards recognized our successes in this area.

MyTona Heroes was a challenge where every MyTonian could set a personal goal and succeed in reaching it (run a marathon, learn how to animate characters, improve their English, write a novel, etc.). 86 MyTonians from all the company’s offices accepted various challenges. The participants had 7 weeks to reach their goals, and they met them to become MyTona Heroes.

Petya Gogolev, head of the MyTona corporate culture department, shares how they came up with this corporate event and what challenges the MyTonians completed as part of MyTona Heroes. Read it now :)

  • How did you come up with the idea for this corporate event? What was the purpose of it?

- It all started with the words of one of our HR managers: “Why do I keep putting my personal interests into cold storage?” And he decided to run a half marathon without any prior experience. Along the way, he inspired his colleagues to challenge themselves too. So, that is how the idea of challenging the entire company was born.

To make it sound official, the purpose of MyTona Heroes is self-development of the company’s employees. To word it casually, it's more like: “Come on, guys, let’s do something we have been putting aside for a long time.”

It's often the case that you want to do something awesome, but you can’t do it, whether that's because you think you’re not good enough, or you make excuses and just give up on it. And challenge events like these help you reach your goals. It becomes easier when you are surrounded by other people who are also eager to accomplish their goals.

  • What were the first results of the MyTona Heroes challenge?

- First, we created a channel where the MyTona Heroes participants could support each other and share tips. Many of them had mentors who taught them hard skills (for example, coding or drawing). It’s great that during the challenge the company developed a powerful atmosphere of mutual assistance and support. We would regularly post challenge progress on our internal blog and share completed achievements.

Every participant had to reach certain checkpoints which were set during an interview. Of course, some participants had trouble reaching their goals—several even left the challenge.

Nevertheless, 90% of participants reached the finish line and achieved their goals! The awards ceremony took place on the first day of MyTona Con, which was attended by the whole team (there were more than 500 people this year). The winners received leaf-shaped awards—stylized to look like the company’s logo—from the hands of our CEOs. Each award says “You are a hero!”. Now you can see these statuettes on people’s desks, and each day they remind the participants that there is nothing they can’t do.

Here are some MyTona Heroes statistics:

- 12 MyTonians quit smoking. Two of them had been smoking for 16 years

- 15 MyTonians lost weight. All in all, MyTona lost 95 kilograms

- 7 MyTonians ran a mini-marathon (10 km) and a half-marathon (21.5 km)

- 5 MyTonians learned to play instruments and compose music

- 2 MyTonians learned to do a split. Two more people improved their yoga skills

- 1 MyTonian learned to swim

- 1 MyTonian completed a machine learning educational module

- 1 MyTonian learned to incorporate game interface designs on a UI/UX engine

- 1 MyTonian created a mobile app that helps quit bad habits

- 1 MyTonian learned 3D modeling and animation basics in Blender

- 1 MyTonian learned to create animation in Spine

A team of participants improved their English knowledge skills by 2 levels. Several people with zero drawing skills learned to make 2D art and now are able to draw sketches.

Additionally, some participants learned to take cool pictures, wrote a book, improved their marketing skills, read self-help books, gained 10K Instagram followers, wrote their Master’s thesis, moved into a new apartment, created a concept for a game project, etc.

  • Why do you think our project, out of many, won the award for the Most Creative Project?

- I don’t think we reinvented the wheel here. Many companies and communities use challenges to reach goals together as teams. However, our winning point is how we presented and realized this event—in a profound, interesting and organized way, as trivial as it may sound. There was also complete freedom of choice—everyone could pick their own challenge; the goals were personal, after all. Much of the credit here goes to our heroes who participated in the challenge, because 86 participants out of 500 people is quite impressive. I’m sure there will be even more participants next year!

Thanks to Petya Gogolev for the interview, and congratulations to our team and everyone who participated in the MyTona Heroes project!

If you, like our MyTona Heroes, want to set cool goals for yourselves and achieve them, join the MYTONA team! —
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